About us 

At MayMaan Research, we strive to make a positive impact by creating alternative solutions to some of the most critical global energy challenges of the 21st century. 

Our team of experienced technicians and engineers have been working diligently for more than seven years to create and perfect our proprietary engine technology.


We have designed three distinct prototype systems with safe and efficient applications throughout a variety of industries.

MayMaan has been granted 7 patents worldwide and have an additional 20+ patents pending.


Through key strategic partnerships and a commitment to excellence, we will continue pioneering new technology aimed at increasing resilience to climate change. 

our mission

"Our mission is to create environmentally friendly technology to reduce emissions and costs for a sustainable future."

Corporate values

In a world consumed by increased pollution, we take it upon ourselves to create technology that is safe, clean and environmentally friendly.


 Together we can create a sustainable future for our generation and many generations to come.  

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