At MayMaan we believe that we can make an impact by creating a sustainable future.
But don’t take our word for it… 

The Jerusalem Post

By Alan Rosenbaum

Application of MayMaan innovation could make world of difference

December 3, 2019

Imagine unleashing unlimited clean and renewable energy.


Israel Noticias

By Rudy Ibañez

MayMaan reinventing the internal combustion engine

October 25, 2019

MayMaan of Israel develops piston engine that runs on water and alcohol


Enlace Judio

By Silvia Schnessel

MayMaan develops engine that runs on water, alcohol - without gas

October 22, 2019

MayMaan's disruptive technology plans to revolutionize the world of transport.


Inceptive Mind

By Amit Malewar

Maymaan Engine that runs on water

October 27, 2019

Now a brilliant team of Israeli engineers announced that they have developed an engine that can be driven by the mixture of water and ethanol.


Radio Cacula

By Hamilton Dias de Souza

Hamilton Dias de Souza shows water-powered car

October 30, 2019

So far, MayMaan has built four operational prototypes, including a car, a generator and several engines.


India Times

By Monit Khanna

Israeli Engineers Build World's 1st Piston Engine

October 26, 2019

Engineers from Israel have found an important intermediary step to accelerate our shift away from fossil fuels.

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