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Power Generation 

The benefits of our unique system and combustion cycle can be fully utilized in power generation systems and prime power or standby generators.


As our engine produce outstanding torque between 1500-1800 RPM it is ideal doe a 50-60Hz power production.


The fuel mixture of 70% water / 30% Ethanol is very stable and will not separate an will not go bad for a very long time, it is stored in a conventional fuel tank in atmospheric pressure, and it is the safest fuel as it will not go on fire outside the engine combustion chamber.


MayMaan Generators are more powerful, quiet, cleaner than any other internal combustion engine-based system, while substantially reducing operating costs.


With no use of fossil fuels, substantial reduction of carbon footprint for the entire life-cycle Virtually no NOx, no Sox, No Soot, Longer lifetime, Reliable and tested system.



Product Line:


40 Kwh generator – this product is designated to run small factories and to be used in remote and rural area, also as a backup generator domestically.

General Specs: 40Kw, 208-400V AC one or three phases – 2.0L 4-cylinder, 16 valve engine, running at 1800 RPM.

Ready for market end of 2020 (prime power / backup)



18 Kwh generator - designed specifically for telecommunication antennas and facilities.

General Specs: 18Kw, 208-400V AC one or three phases – 1.4L 4-cylinder, 16 valve engine running at 1800 RPM

Ready for market 1st quarter of 2021 (prime power / backup)



150Kwh generator – Targeted to replace large prime power diesel based gensets, this generator will have paralleling, phase matching capabilities.

General Specs: 150Kw, 208-440V three phase – 6.2 8-cylinder, 16 valve engine running at 1800 RPM

Ready for market 2nd quarter of 2021 (prime power / backup)


All our generators will be marketed and sold worldwide, contact us to reserve yours today. 

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