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The MayMaan fuel, engine and combustion cycle is unique and have many benefits, one of the most important one is the very low emission gases in the tailpipe, while major auto companies are in the race to electrify private transportation, their entire manufacturing infrastructure is built on manufacturing piston engines and transmission.


While companies like Tesla and others are producing a very nice product, replacing the conventional internal combustion engine, and taking even a high single digit market share will take decades, in addition to issues such as range and charging stations, the cost of such vehicles is very high and most consumers cannot afford a Tesla.


Other technologies are out there including Fuel Cells, Natural Gas require a massive fueling infrastructure, and safe storage.


As MayMaan engine works on the same basis of a piston engine, all the benefits, production infrastructure, engineers, mechanics, service stations, etc. exist everywhere both domestically and internationally with massive factories all over the globe.


The engine can be used in a traditional drivetrain, Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid and Range Extender configuration, while taking all advantages of each.


Initial Prototype (fully developed Based on Ford Focus):

A full-size passenger car, using a 2.0L 4 Cylinder naturally aspirated, 16 valve engine, VVT, WDI.

Max Speed 110 MPH, Max Torque 140 F-lbs. at 3000 RPM.


Key benefits:

No fossil fuel

Virtually no NOx

No SOx

Up to 50% reduction on fuel cost

Very Short time to market

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