Award-Winning technology
Reinventing the Internal Combustion Engine

Our innovative and patented system consumes a fuel that is composed of 70% water and 30% ethanol (or other alcohol) making fossil fuels a thing of the past.

This revolutionary process works by converting the water mixture into a powerful and clean-burning fuel within the engine's combustion chamber. When combustion occurs the process pushes the piston down virtually the entire power stroke resulting in a very high torque in a wide range of the engines RPM.

This is ideal for engines that operate between low and mid RPM range, and is a great solution for replacing or retrofitting Diesel / Gasoline engines for cars, trucks and marine applications. This fuel can be stored and delivered in the same fashion as gasoline and diesel without the need for major changes to the existing fueling infrastructure. The fuel is completely safe and costs are substantially lower than gasoline or diesel.

The technology is the result of many years of extensive research by our team. It is unique simple, safe and environmentally friendly. 

Fuel Advantages:

• Clean and Renewable

• Easy to deliver Liquid

• Blend Flexibility

• Available in most places

• Produced from a variety of materials

• Low flash point

• Very inexpensive

• Non-geopolitical

Engine Advantages:

• Hi efficiency

• Very High Torque

• Low operating temp

• Proven Design

• Many manufacturers

• Retrofit option

• Inexpensive

• Manufacturing tooling exists

• Scalable to any size

• Smaller Footprint

Environmental Advantages:

• Renewable and green fuel

• Very low NOx

• No SOx output

• No Soot

• Clean combustion

• Exceed 2020 IMO regulation

• Low noise


off fuel costs 


less emissions than gasoline or diesel 


more efficient than gasoline 

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